Under legislation, MBBI need to have in place a plan and several documents that have to be implemented and which we must follow.  These are the first of a series of plans that evey member, parent, spectator, official and player must read, understand and comply with.  MSEC we ensure that we do.

As to membership fees, BQ will extended the renewal dates for BQ Memebrship by 120 days.  MBBI intends to follow this plan but will wait until the commencement of training and competition to determine how many days we extend the MBBI Membership expiry date.

Game Fees will be reviewed at recommencement and discounts may be applied to Juniors who pay for their season up front.

BQJBC and State Classics are also up for review once competition recommences.

COVID-19-Safety-Plan 2 Moreton Bay Basketball

Covid-19 Mental Health Contatcts MBB

Covid Referee Score Bench.Guidelines

Covid Points of Transmission Risk Assesment

Covid Player Spectator Training Guidelines

Covid Coach Volunteer Training Guidelines